Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hmming, Grrring, Mmming

Briar's favorite game:

Hey (insert name). Want one of these? Which one?

Other person: That one.

Briar: NO! You can't have that one. It's mine.


Avery's pat answer: Because I want to. Because I want to and I want to. Beee-cuuuuz.


Finley's latest past time: Pretending to need to nurse and instead giving painful hickeys to side of my breast.


Fitted Sheets...might I suggest the term, "Unfitted" or "Never fits" or "bwahahaha, suckah!"


Postpartum hair loss: Suckage.


Waking up at midnight to the whisper: "The girls look like you when they are sleeping."

Sigh, swoon. One little thing to erase the rest.

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Janet said...

Your husband is sweet.

Avery and Elyse have something in common, except E's pat answer is "pee-cuz."

Heather said...

That hubby of yours is a keeper.

trampoline design said...


They do.

Jodi Jean said...

hehe ... love it (except for the hickey on the side of your breast ... NO one loves that ... except maybe your hubby as well!)

Crystal D said...

Swoon. That Sean, he's a keeper. :)

amanda said...


what a wonderful hubby :)