Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Traveling Hearts

We've been away.
Galloping, carving grooves in time.
Memories in peals of laughter and wobbly steps.
Sisters, young and old, together.
Heading home, leaving bittersweet wisps.
Parts of our spirits unwilling to leave this time.

Never again, and yet, always

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Amy Y said...

Oh they are so beautiful.

jen said...

they are ridiculous in their splendor.

i've missed you. and now i am leaving too.

Damselfly said...

And as always, such sweet girls!

flutter said...

love you!

Beck said...

Those pictures!
And travelling with kids both is horrible and just hilarious and heart-breaking.

mama in waiting said...

they are dancing in their sleep...beautiful girls.

Amanda said...

Thank you, they are...I swear I almost said they are the wind beneath my wings. Oy.

Pure magic indeed.

Robin said...

those sleeping girls? precious!

Anonymous said...
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