Sunday, February 10, 2008

No daughter of mine is going to be called Ginger!

Apologies to the Gingers of the world.

And further apologies to all those people who think that because we have daughters with names beginning with "a" and "b" that our next should have a name beginning with a "c."

It ain't gonna happen.

So far she won't be called:

Claire - makes me think of Judd Nelson in the Breakfast Club
Chloe - already taken by someone I know
Cleo - makes me think of the strung out sister from ER
Cressida - not sure why, just too much name I think
Calla - just can't seem to fully embrace it

Nor will she be called:

Ginger - too inviting of male fantasies
Laurel - too reminiscent of the comedian
Elysium - too many syllables
Clover - too well suited for a pony

And these too have fallen to the wayside:

Sydney - we think this was on a recent tv show
Evan - loved it in '04, not so much now
Pansy - my desire for a flower or spice name is trumped by my desire to not paint our kid into a she-must-be-cheerful-with-a-name-like-that-corner
Poppy - not fair, see above

Names we aren't ready to say no to...

I'm not quite ready to share, but I will say we have candidates beginning with:


And the "v" name isn't Vanna, despite the way the end of this post resembled the final round of Wheel of Fortune.

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Crystal said...

Thank goodness C names are out of the question or I might have to warn you not to name her Crystal, I have had one too many stripper comments in my life. :)
I can't wait to hear your name pick, Avery and Briar are such beautiful names and they fit the girls perfectly. I am sure little DLRSTV will have a beautiful name.

jen said...

what about Poet? I like Poet.

Sage? I like Sage too.

somehow i bet i won't get too far, but there you have it anyways.

I kinda like Ginger.

crazymumma said...

Ophelia or Tallulah.

I like those. I'd almost squish out another bun or two for those names...

Lara said...

is the L name "lara"? it's a great name! ;)

Heather said...

Names are so's seems like such a big decision.

I'd like to say the names we're batting around for the bun in my oven to get the feedback. But then I also don't want to hear the feedback!

slouching mom said...

though you didn't ask me too, i'm going to guess. because there's nothing i like better than thinking about baby names. m'kay?

d=deirdre or delilah
l=lily or lillian
s=sophie or sarah (heh)
t=tallulah or tessa

how'd i do? 0 for 6, you say?


slouching mom said...

ask me TO. sheesh.

oh, and cm and i with tallulah! no surprise there. we're kindred spirits.

BetteJo said...

I'm not going to guess because I'm just not good at it. But I love hearing what names people choose - and why. Sometimes the why is the most interesting part!

flutter said...

I'll try not to be offended that you don't want to name her after ME! ;)

Kristy said...

You are a tease Amanda! I thought I was being original with Lukas, thought it was a safe name with not a lot of other Lukas' or Lucas' around. Then a shift change came in the Snuggery and the new nurse said "Wow, that is like the 4th Lukas this week!" I think I actually sneared.

Cuz it's fun to guess and Lukas is napping:

D - Diana
L - Leah
R - Regan
S - Samantha
T - Tara
V - Violet (so cute!)

No Kristy? ;P Eh, it gets misspelled a lot!

Angela said...

Ohhh, the angst and stress, and the countless number of variables to consider when you name your child. I think that's the main reason we stopped after having a girl and a boy, we had used up all our brain cells with those two names, we would have blown a fuse if asked for another name.

Ree said...

D - Danae
L - Lynne
R - Ree (! - you know you want to)
S - Safiyah
T - Tara
V - Valerie or Vera

Amy Y said...

Oooh! I can't wait to see what you come up with... :)
I knew a Ginger once, and it just screams "stripper" to me.

Amy said...

L-Lauren (I LOVE this name)
V-Valium, okay, seriously Violet

Luke's suggestion is: vr gggggg :)

Anonymous said...

hmm.. isn't Cressida a Toyota model? In any case, I'm glad you ruled it out...

Sam said...

D- Dylan
L- Lilly or Lillian
R- Riley
S- Sophia
T- Tatum
V- Vivian

I am probably way off. We have decided on a boy name and are torn between two girl names. Oh yeah, we don't like to find out the sex so we have double the work!

Amanda said...

I love how this turned into a guessing game. Turns out Laurel may still be on the table. Yay! However I think we are leaning toward the "S" name, which no one has correctly guessed. I do love the "S" names you all shared!

And the Cressida name, we didn't get it from Toyota, perhaps the Bard or just a name site.

Lindz said...

Please say that it isn't Veronica either.

Kelly said...

Please say V is Vivian or Violet. So purdy!!

Crystal said...

OK, I'll guess some S names...

Ron Davison said...

I like your writing - its clean and expressive.
I'm sitting in restaurant on the road one night. Guy at a table said, "We wanted to name our daughter Eve, but our family were all against it."
"What's wrong with Eve," asked one of his dining companions. "Sounds like a good name."
"Well, they kind of had a point."
"Our son's name is Adam."

Every name has a context that makes it work or not.

cce said...

The naming bit is just sooo hard, right there behind delivery in terms of difficulty. Both my children were named in utero and, then, once they breathed their first breath, we quickly changed their handle to something entirely different. It was like we panicked, threw Emerson and Violet to the curb and arrived at something entirely different. But I can't imagine them with any other name now that they are O and G. So, no matter what you choose, it will seem inevitable, scripted.

Janet said...

S names:

Sharon (my mom's name! and my mother in law's!)
Shiloh (pitt-jolie!)

Kimberly said...

Naming is such a hard thing. We struggled with it both times.

My guesses:


Danielle said...

What about Leona? I know it's totally old-fashioned, but I'm a sucker for the turn of the century names. And Cecilia? Have you thought of that one. I know you're not keen on the C names, but I've always liked it. And it happens to be the patron saint of music, musicians, and poets, which I thought would be kinda' cool since Sean plays music and you're clearly a writer at heart. Whatever you'll be just perfect.

Chaotic Joy said...

whispering...I love the name Ginger.

I think the V name is Violet. Because that was a name on the list I posted on our fridge of THESE ARE GIRL NAMES I LIKE, PICK ONE. He picked Clara. Which I love too. :)

Lisa said...

I think naming kids is one of the hardest things out there. Our first born (whose real name is NOT Goosey!) was easier, but that second girl through us for a loop. We finally came up with a name that we both could agree on 2 weeks before she was born & now I can't imagine her being any thing but....

Good luck to you!

Lisa said...

PS - Your comment on my post with the gross guy in the picture was too, too funny! LOL!

Colleen said...

We have not even begun to talk about baby names... but we found out today that we're having another girl!!! Let the naming begin!

Can't wait to see what name you choose.

dawn224 said...

Um. After reading this list, I adore Skylar.