Friday, August 24, 2007

Sticks and Stones

Lest you think I am an evil, unbending mother who is indifferent to the magic of the outdoors*...

There was rock climbing.

And mom-climbing.

Sand eating.

And sand diving.

Princess gear.


Wouldn't truly be camping without,
unsupervised play near an open flame.

And the Stones.

*As a matter of fact, we made our two-night camping adventure into a three-day, wilderness extravaganza as we piggy-backed our trip with another outdoor odyssey...experience it here.

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jen said...

all of it. makes me long for it myself.


flutter said...

I am not a camper, but this looks like fun.....

painted maypole said...

looks like fun. No s'mores? we have some very funny kid with s'mores pictures. of course, we only have one child from which to remove marshmallow from the hair... three might make it trickier.

Joy, of course said...

Oh these pictures are great! It looks like even without coffee (gasp!) you found some joy.

mrs incredible said...

so fun!

Damselfly said...

I love the mom climbing and the princess gear!