Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Real Moms...

Sarah at In The Trenches of Motherhood tagged me a for a Real Mom meme.

These are the rules: Put up a post "Real Moms [insert what you do here]", followed by an explanation, a picture, and a "Real Moms. Making ....".

My first meme. Oh Sally Field exclamation, oh my. You like me, you really like me.

So, I am following through with the meme like a real mom despite a wicked cold and an overwhelming desire to curl up in the fetal postion and suck a damp rag.

Normally I'm not shy to say what I think and this meme is a pretty perfect opportunity to lobby for organic foods, reading to your kids and doing the right thing. Yet I find myself feeling very cautious, protective of moms. Maybe it's because I am sick, maybe it's because I am grieving. I'd like to think it's because I allow other moms the latitude I wish for myself in thisunchartered journey. There are so many different voices we hear, so many opinions we are subjected to and judgements we have made on how we do this mom thing. I learn each day that being a real mom means very different things for very different people. Standing in line at the grocery store I watched a woman pull out her WIC card. Putting aside politics and beliefs all I could think was, "A real mom braves contempt and humiliation to give her child a square meal." Who am I to say that I a more of a real mom?

I appreciate all the women who posted hilarious versions of real moms. Here's my little take on it.

Real Moms share their kids

Real moms give space

Real moms improvise

Real moms play cards

Real moms have balls

Real moms believe in peace

Real moms try to see eye to eye

Real moms have strong arms

Real moms aren't afraid to break the rules

Real moms teach love

Real moms don't forget dad

Real moms just try not to be bad moms

I am lucky to belong to a community of incredible moms who bravely chronicle their journeys. From these women I am tagging:

Karla of Untangling Knots who has so courageously allowed us to accompany her as she waited for the incredible Nate.

My new friend Kelly over at A Child is Born, who regularly reminds me of what a great job I am doing even though I might feel like a hack.

Jerri Ann at A Crack'n Life because she is trying to be a really good mom.

Chelle at Soodz because she has captured my heart with her worries about her toddler, the nursery and California life as she awaits the arrival of a new baby (she gets a pass if need be as she is due very, very soon).

And because she once asked if she belonged, I tag Lara at Life: The Ongoing Education. In this community of moms she spoke as a daughter and gave an incredible tribute to her mom. I hope once again she'll remind us moms what makes us real for our children.

If you get a chance, visit their sites, you won't be disappointed.

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chelle said...

Wow! I so so enjoyed this! Your take on a Real Mom is awesome!

I have something in the works I promise ... Soon I will fulfill the tag :) Thanks for thinking of me!

Kelly said...

Ooh ooh, my first meme too. And from Amanda! So I am doubly thrilled.

I'm gonna cook something up, hopefully to be posted this weekend.

And those pictures you shared. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. Thanks for allowing such a giant peek into your world!

karla said...

This post is absolutely brilliant and touching and cute and darling and funny. I love your take on Real Moms!

Jerri said...

Your real mom's me-me was much better than mine but I really didn't mind being tagged, I kind of like them and enjoy reading them.

I'm tagging a few people in hopes of getting them to do this and link to my new blog,

Let me think, who needs a tag:

Tumble Dry, Taste the World, Mayberry Mom, Flailing in My Arms, Chick Chat

Mom Tu-Tu said...

I just stopped by your blog for the first time and thought this was a great post! Thanks for sharing.

Day said...

Wow, thank you. Just think I needed to read. Gives me chill.

I a new reader via Karla. Hope you feel better.

Cate said...

Just dropped by from Karla's blog.

Wow...this post was just so wonderfull! Not sure I could express my feelings of being a mom so well, but I identified with all of it!


Lara said...

done! finally! :)

Karen said...

hey, really like your blog, got her through a maze of real mom meme frenzy. Yours is great.

Jodi said...

Amanda, I think I am your blog exchange partner. Drop me an email so we can figure this thing out.

Jennifer said...

I love your take on the meme! Great pictures!

Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way.

Anonymous said...

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