Wednesday, February 14, 2007

S'no Way

Here's our car. The 29 inches of snow on the ground fell in about 15 hours.

Here's our older daughter. She insisted on staying outside in the single digit temperatures for an excruciatingly long time.

Guess what stopped working at 3.

The furnace.

Guess how many furnace fixers I called.


Guess how quickly Highland & Company (the folks who installed and service our furnace) called me back.

Oh that's right, the worthless bastards never called back.

Guess how many technicians were unavailbale to come?

The other 5 I called.

Yay. Happy fucking winter storm without heat.
Yay for having the furnace die while we have my mom in town.
Yay for having two children we can't keep warm.
Yay for Murphy's Law.

But the biggest YAYS go to Conkling Heating and Jack Hall Plumbing for doing their best to talk us through figuring out the problem... a snow drift 49" high covering the pvc tube for our "90%" furnace. Wish I could say I knew what that meant.

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1 comment:

Kelly said...

Oh Lord, I feel for you. Here in Philadelphia, it's a major event when we get two inches. Schools close and the traffic news anchors are practically orgasming all over one another because it's just such a mess on the roadways!

But coming from upstate NY as I do (outside of Rochester) and having parents who currently live in Auburn, I know what a real snowfall is like. The people in my current neck of the woods are wimps.

I hope you get your heat back on soon. It's one thing trying to keep yourself, as an adult, warm, but having young children to keep warm against the odds makes things a bit more stressful and challenging.

(Sending furnace-fixing vibes your way...)