Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not Quite

Avery was sitting on the toilet taking her sweet time as I kept her company. Fin was clinging to my legs and swatting at all manner of chokables. Dinner was simmering, sputtering and overflowing on the stove. Briar called from the other room:

"Mom, I'm thirsty. Can you please get me juice?"

I called back in a tense voice, "Not now Briar, I am trying to do five things and I CANNOT handle anything else."

She didn't answer back. I exhaled as Avery laughed.

"No, silly, mama. You aren't doing five things, you're only doin' two."

And cue slumping shoulders and wry smile.

How many things are you doing?

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Kelly said...

It feels like eleventybillion. Actual count? Eleventybillion minus two.

The White House said...

Today I was pushing two kids on swings, nursing a baby and talking on the phone- is that three or four? Oh, and I had stiletos on, so that makes 7!

iheartchocolate said...

Today, I had my two smaller ones ready to go...youngest freshly changed, cups filled, bag ready, keys IN hand, oldest went to the potty before we stepped outside, and then I smelled it. The youngest, after I JUST changed him. So come in set it all back down, change him and do it all again. It isn't all at once, but it is grouped together like that. Just spurts of hysteria and craziness. Sometimes the younger one takes a nap and the older one chills out, then I feel restless like I have no idea what to do with myself. Sometimes.

Heather said...

I understand. So COMPLETELY.

flutter said...

I mean, REALLY mom.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

At least 12.