Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Call You Dread

I've made no secret about how hard being a working mom can be. It is hard, the not fitting in with stay-at-home moms, not feeling completely comfortable with working-outside-the-home-moms, but there is one thing that helps.

A great sitter/nanny.

We have a wonderful person who I know loves our girls and is supremely capable. That said, I still get a tiny bit sick of the phone rings or I get an email from her.

"Ohomygod, what's wrong? Are they ok? Did someone get hurt? ShouldIcomehomerightnow?"

Seriously, full blown panic.

She called today.

"Amanda, it's Erin for you."


"Hello?" I asked with serious trepidation.

"Amanda? I just had to call, I just went upstairs to check on the girls..."

Abject terror.

"I didn't see Ave."


"And then I found her in the crib."

Crippling relief.

"She was asleep with her arm around Fin."

Mind-blowing awareness of my blessings and satisfaction in knowing that having a 3rd daughter was the right thing to do.

Erin, thank you for loving our girls.

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Kyla said...

That is adorable. (that was the crib set we had for KayTar!)

liv said...

you. you had me there for a second. stop.

Crystal D said...

Awah, sweet little number two and three love. I am cracking up that she crawled in there with her. I am going to make sure Amelia does not see this picture 'cause she is DYING to get in the crib with Charlotte. However, if it does happen, I am going to make sure I go grab my camera because this is the sweetest thing ever.

Amy Y said...

I wish I'd had an Erin! That photo is so sweet :) Your girls are adorable!

karen said...

*heart melts into puddle*

BetteJo said...

How great is that?? Erin is awesome for catching the moment for you!

Ree said...

Those girls? Fill my heart with joy.

Heather said...

heart. 'sploding!

too. much. sweetness.

flutter said...

I probably would have had an aneurysm before she got to the good part

Patois said...

My Erin was called Maria. God bless them.

Amy said...

Sweet sister love. Too precious.

Damselfly said...

...followed by a plea to Erin to not give you any more heart attacks like that. ;)

But very sweet!

Beck said...

That picture! My heart!
And there's nothing like having a caregiver who LOVES your kids, is there?

krissy said...

Too sweet! Happy Anniversary, too! What a beautiful family!

eva said...

Ah, I love this story. Your girls are so sweet! My mom knows if she ever calls me at work while she's watching Maya to say, before anything else, "Everything is okay...." then proceed with what she needs to tell me.

Jennifer said...

Ah, what a great story. So glad the babysitter had the thought to call you, but sorry you had to have a heart attack first.

Jamie said...

Awww, that just warms my heart.