Friday, September 12, 2008

Wheel. Of. Fortune.

Sitting in the Vegas airport waiting for our 1:35 flight home by way of Chicago. There are people playing the slots, the Wheel of Fortune slots. Oh, the misery.

Fin is entertaining us with kicks and gurgles and, so help me, little bleats that sound decidedly like, Mama!"

Could it be?

We'll see, odds are we'll walk in the house and she'll say declaratively, "Dada," for now though, I am hearing "mama" and I love it.

Home soon.

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BetteJo said...

With all that one on one time with her, it HAS to be Mama! If she says Dada when you walk in - that will be word number 2. Sorry Sean.

Hope O'Hare is nice to you, but for the sake of getting you home - I hope your stay in my corner of the world is very short.

What a long day this has to be for you and Fin!

Crystal D said...

Oh, home sweet home for the weekend. Thank goodness!

Jodi Jean said...

i agree ... it HAS to be mama!!

Kimberly said...

Do what I did: spend every waking moment whispering "mama, mama, mmmmm-aaaahhhh-mmmmm-aaaahhh" to her. ;-)

I left you some love over at my blog - come see when you have a minute.