Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It's the blue that gets me

I never noticed eye color before Sean. Never. Friends would ask about a guy's eye color and i honestly wouldn't be able to answer.

Now I can. Blue. True blue. They are the eyes of my daughters and the eyes of my best friend, a pale blue, cool and inviting. Steady, loving, my favorite kind of blue.

He sent me an email tonight recounting the night's events.

I told them a bedtime story about how Mama and Fin had been captured and were made to work in a cavern.

"Were they pirates?" Briar wondered.

"Pirates?" Ave repeated, eyebrows up. This is getting good, said the eyebrows.

I went with it. "Yes, Mama and Fin were in the cavern with Pirates, and their job was to charm the pirates out of their money."

"Their Gold?" asked Briar.

"Treasure?" said Ave, eyebrows no longer visible.

"You betcha. And if Mama and Fin can work it with the pirates to get them to give up that treasure, they can come home."

Such a seemingly little thing, but imagining him sitting there, the nightlight casting stars on the ceiling, the girls listening with freshly scrubbed faces glued to him, and telling this fanciful story of our trip made me melt. I forget how wonderful he is with them, how imaginative and magical he can be.

And Fin, well she's got that same magic and more of that incredible blue. She is working her magic, earning those ducats so that we can get back home, back to our pack of blue.

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flutter said...

*happy sigh*

karen said...

I could lose my nose nuzzling Fin's baby rolls! Such yumminess...

Heather said...

Isn't she just beautiful?!!

My husband has blue eyes too. Both of our girls have blue eyes, but my son has brown, like me.

Lisa Milton said...

That baby, I tell you.

She's something.

Jodi Jean said...

love it, what a great post. i never noticed eye color before my hubby as well (altho he has green ... and so does my son ... i wonder what my #2 will have!!)

Amy Y said...

Look at those eyes! How can you stand it?!

Pgoodness said...

beautiful. and the eyes? GORGEOUS.

my hubs has lovely green eyes, and I so wanted at least one of my sons to get them..alas, they have my brown.

BetteJo said...

You could get lost in Fins eyes, what a scrumptious sweet thing!

Magpie said...

that is one cute baby.

Janet said...

She is so delish. Seriously.

My H. had the bluest of blue eyes. They have changed now, to almost a grey-green that is so exquisite and, um, exotic maybe? I don't know the correct word. But I still love looking at the pictures with the big baby blues.

Kimberly said...

She is too gorgeous for words.

My husband is wonderfully, wackily (?) creative and fun with my girls too. It is great, because I'm lacking in that area. He's definitely the more fun parent, but I'm the one they come to when they need soothing. It's a good balance.

JenK said...

That last picture is killing me. She is too funny.