Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This Baby's Got Legs*

*Title is a play on words, props to the ladies at BabyLegs, Fin caused a sensation in her two pairs! And thank goodness we had them. Twain was right about San Francisco:
"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."

Finley is seriously the best traveling companion ever.

She went so far as to save all of her pooping for today. That's right, no pooping on the plane, but we have chalked 7 messy diapers since waking this morning. My fingers are raw from the wiping. Sorry, off track. We flew to San Francisco on Thursday for the BlogHer Conference, which brought back more memories of being excluded and rare moments of fitting in than I really care to remember.

Luckily, with my exquisite Fin strapped to my chest, I had a safe place, my face buried in her silky head, her hands clutching mine.

We went to several sessions a day.
Fun with Janet and Lara (not pictured).

Weaving in time with Grandma and Auntie Abbie in between,

We were camped out with in the charming and luxuriously cozy St. Francis.

On the flight home, Fin made me feel silly for worrying about flying,
"Look mama, no hands!"

It was great, but being home is greater.

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Mrs. Chicken said...

There's nothing quite like freshly washed little-girl tresses.

Glad you made it home safely.

Got my caddy last week - LOVE. IT.

Crystal D said...

Can I just say how EXCITED I am to use my babylegs and Sarabear caddy this time? I have the caddy stocked up and ready to go and I have 3 pairs of babylegs. I love that there are new special things for this baby that I didn't have with the others.
And another thing B and A both have such pretty long locks right now. Madeline has such similar hair to theirs, what do you do you do to keep the curls out of knots?
Fin is already starting to look like an "older baby." I see so much of B and A in her little face. There will be no mistaking that your girls are all sisters.

Meredith said...

I LOVE Baby Legs! Those cute things and a onesie are all a kid needs.

Amanda said...

You will LOVE BabyLegs and the caddy. So easy, both of them. As for the curls? It's hit or miss. Ave has such long hair and it so thick and delicious, but she loathes having me do anything. Bri likes pony tails etc, but is squirmy. I use conditioner and actually a wee bit of shine stuff (anti-frizz stuff) keeps it relatively tangle free.

flutter said...

I love you and your baby. I so wish we had gotten to be together more, Amanda. It was such a treat to meet you.

BetteJo said...

Can't tell whether you enjoyed Blogher or not - I'm sure there was a little of this and a little of that.
I think I would have nightmares of getting there and no one being interested in hanging out with me. :)
But oh how wonderful baby Fin was so great to travel with!

Amanda said...

I hope you managed to have a good time away and it's nice to see you back. The little one is a wee cutie!
Amanda xx

iheartchocolate said...

I can't imagine you feeling out of place ANYWHERE. You are so amazing and I would imagine you and Fin walking into a room and everyone running to hug you and meet you. I have such terrible social anxiety and I can imagine feeling that way myself, but not you. You are too great!

I bet you were so glad to be home to see your family. Your children are so beautiful!

Lara said...

i am so glad we finally got to meet and share a hug! :)

jen said...

all i know is how much i loved seeing you and that sweet baby girl.

Janet said...

My God that baby is delicious! I just emailed you a few more pictures.

You know, I found it too draining to try and be a social butterfly at BlogHer. Your reflections on the matter are fitting. But you and the few other blogging friends who I did meet and have meaningful conversations with were quality women that made the trip entirely worthwhile. Still, it's great to be home, isn't it?

Amy Y said...

Hooray for no poop and a great lil traveller!
I, too, can't imagine you feeling excluded, even only knowing you from these pages. If I'd been there, you'd have been one of the first people I'd be dying to meet and spend time with!

There's no place like home, though, eh?

Heather said...

Those Baby Legs are cute, but the baby wearing them is cuter!

I'm quite the homebody, so I have to agree that it's alway good to come home.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Those Baby Legs are adorable! But not as much as FIN! She's GORGEOUS!

Sadie said...

Finally deciding to de-lurk after reading a while. I too have a husband Sean and a third daughter named Finley, whom we call Fin. She is just a year older than yours.

I just wanted to tell you that you have the second most beautiful Fin I have ever seen. She is adorable as are her big sisters. I also have a fourth daughter so watch out...they multiply!!

Beck said...

Why do I NEVER check out this site of yours? It's gorgeous! Look at all the baby pictures! I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT!

sam said...

I'm so glad that Fin traveled so well!! Your pics are ADORABLE!!

I've been wanting to get BabyLegs for the boys but it always ends in a fight with Mike. He's totally against 'legwarmers on boys'.

Jess said...

What an adorable set of photos! The cuteness is just killer.

karen said...

I'm impressed that you did BlogHer with Fin in tow! I'm not sure I could've managed a convention on my own with a baby. I did one when Ross was about 10 months and still nursing full-time...but Chris was along for the non-nursing care portion (I had to work at the trade show). Those BabyLegs (and the legs in them) are adorable! Also, I'm glad to see Avery looks better - hope her summer hasn't been too bad, leg and all.