Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lucky comes in many colors

Not a meme, not a letter, rather a post to send some good things out into the universe, bear with me.

To Karen - The envelopes that arrived for Briar and Avery yesterday were, after reverent inspection of their metallic stickers, ripped open with wild abandon. The cards inside, richly decorated with incredible drawings and sweet words from Lars, brought enormous smiles to the girls' faces. Thank you!

Ree - Finley blissfully kicked her feet and stretched her arms as she leaned into the afternoon breeze from her lush perch upon the exquisite blanket you sent. Thank you.

Melissa - I am an ass with no excuse for having failed to thank you** properly for the incredible shower you through us. I have the thank you cards that I will use to thank you and let me tell you, they're gorgeous. One day I hope to get my act together to scribe some beautiful sort of thanks to you on one of them.

Mom - Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming and taking such wonderful care of all of us as we found our footing. Avery keeps talking about "mygrandma," you achieved one word status. Thank you for the salon offer as well, I cannot wait!

Neighborhood* - Thank you for the meals, well wishes and friendship. It sounds so 1950's, but it has felt as if we were swept up in your collective embrace. It made a huge difference.

Tet - Your card arrived today, handwriting is indeed sweet. Thanks for thinking of us! We'll hope for a visit too!

Babe - Thank you, thank you, thank you. Nearly five years ago you promised to be there for me, time and again you've proven how seriously you took that vow. I love you.

All of you*** - Thank you for reading this blog, for leaving your words of concern for Ave, your welcome to the worlds for Fin and your shared laughter in the adventures of Briar. I treasure this place of sharing and your presence in it is more dear than I could ever say.

*To the rat-b*astard cat that keeps trying to kill our cat - you are not included in this thank you. You are a mangy, Pet Cemetaryesque, nightmare of a creature and one of these days I will succeed in dousing you with water!

** This failure extends to Trina, Deb, Amy, Kristy, Tara, Derek, Paula, Julia, Ben - some of these cards are filled out and stuffed in their envelopes. I seem unable to master the fine art of choreographing the writing and the mailing. Grrr.

***Even to you folks who never leave a comment, but who I can see in the numbers, thank you.

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karen said...

After carefully choosing which card he wanted to send to which girl, Lars left the drawing undone for days. Just when I was starting to think he wasn't going to do it, he appeared with the notes all done, asking if he could put stickers on the envelopes! I've got a photo of Lars showing the cards that I'll get up on my blog later - I didn't want to spoil the surprise and post before they got to the girls!

Amy Y said...

Thank you for being you and letting us in on your adventures ~ it's been pure joy and pleasure getting to know you and your family. I love learning how to be a better mother through blogs like yours.

amanda said...

we are the lucky ones.

thanks for always sharing glimpses of your beautiful world :)

Ree said...

I agree with amanda. We are lucky in that we get to share your beautiful girls, your wonderful outlook, and the joy of your writing.

Most of all, your friendship.


Heather said...

Your writing is so beautiful when you write about your girls...I couldn't miss it.

flutter said...

love you

Meredith said...

Even though I don't always leave comments - I truly adore your blog & reading the daily trials and tribulations you have with 2 and then 3. Reading about Avery's recent mishappening - it reminded me how simple life can change. I just visited my sister who also broke her leg...albeit a bit different as she has 2 kiddos to be a mom of. God bless you little one! Keep writing...I LOVE IT!

carrie said...

Thank you for letting us into a little sliver of your life!

BetteJo said...

You and yours make it a joy to come visit.

Kimberly said...

We should be thanking you for giving us such heartfelt and beautifully written glimpses of your life.