Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Go Now.

I received a comment here the other day from a person I didn't recognize. I clicked through to visit the woman's blog and found every parent's nightmare, her daughter Serenity has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. I have no words, just an enormous lump in my throat and an unrelenting desire to help.


I have no idea. I know my girls delight in receiving mail, so we'll be sending a package of some sort, filled with frivolous things whose sole purpose is to bring joy. Would you do me a favor? Please? Go and visit Serenity's site. Leave a comment for her parents.
Hug your children.
Swallow whatever complaint is dancing on the tip of your tongue and take several moments to just be grateful.
Grateful for your health.
Grateful for your family.

I'll be posting something similar on The Wink.


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slouching mom said...

Will do.

Hey, would you send me your e-mail addy? I have a question for you. (slouchingmom@comcast.net)

Cheryl said...

And of course now I'm a blubbering mess. It would kill me. I hope God knows that I just couldn't face something like that. Before we got pregnant, I bargained with God, telling him that I would be okay with a child with special needs. Downs. Fine. Even cerebral palsy. Okay. But cancer? Not a chance. I'm just not strong enough for that. When my dad had cancer and was in the ICU, I was devastated, but I could say goodbye. I could not even imagine being able to face a possibly terminal illness with one of my children. It would fracture me. Hell. I cried today when Anna screamed because she's constipated.

BetteJo said...

When I came home from work tonight there were ants in my kitchen again. I sent an email to someone and started it out by saying "I know I should be more grateful for what I have, but I hate this house!"

Funny how I should wander over to the Wink to be reminded how much I truly do have to be grateful for.