Sunday, January 06, 2008

Seasonal Confusion

Poor Briar. We told her after her second Christmas, the first having been celebrated on the West Coast, that Santa was back at the North Pole resting. Since then we have seen no less than, oh, I don't know 320 plastic, stone and inflated Santas displayed prominently throughout town.

Briar: Oooh, there's Santa.

Briar: Oh, oh, there he is again.

Briar: Mama, he's not sleeping, but he's busy. He's here too!

Avery is rather unimpressed by the whole thing. The other day we were in the car driving to Melissa's house and the following exchange took place:

Briar: Ooh, lookey-dat! Mama, do you think that was Rudolph what I just saw in that yard?

Me: I don't know. Maybe.

Briar: Avery, do you think so? Do you think that was Rudolph what I say back there?

This was followed by a brief silence and then ~

Avery: Nope.

Sigh. A dreamer and realist.

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BetteJo said...

Oh, sweet sweet girls. :)

Are you going to be in some more ad pictures? Oh that would be lovely!

Colleen said...

"nope" I love it!

Amy Y said...

From one realist to another... atta girl :)

cce said...

It's so hard to have one realist and one dreamer. I have one of each as well and the two often clash. There are tears and shouts of "Liar, liar pants on fire." I just sit back quietly and hope that no one asks me to intervene. I have such a hard time knowing which side to support in the existential debate over Santa.

Lisa Milton said...

I'm so ready for there to be no more santas. Blech.

My kids have been accused of 'lying' by their friends because they are crazy dreamer kids, claiming all sorts of things are real.

It's hard to explain to a realist. They find it maddening.

Ree said...

Snirk. ;-) Too funny, you. And your little realist is a girl after my own heart.

Janet said...

They balance each other out.

Occidental Girl said...

Ha! That was great.

Amy said...

Ha! Too cute.

My 4-year old nephew showed me a toy he wanted for Christmas that was over $100...and I said, "Will, that's a bit on the pricey-side don't you think?" and he replied, "No Aunt Amy, it's for Christmas! You know, from Santa?!! Duh!" I guess in his eyes Santa doesn't have a budget:)

The things they say, I can't wait to hear Luke's one-liners!

carrie said...

Sometimes I wonder this same thing about my boys. I can't believe that they came from the same parents!

Anonymous said...

I found that I had a difficult time with the Santa thing this year. I sort of felt like I was lying, to an extent. But they both get so excited, that I kept up the hoax again. After all, Santa is real in that he represents the spirit of Christmas and all that is love and generosity - right? (she said to herself convincingly...)

By the way, I've tagged you. (Only if you want to be tagged, of course.)