Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Love on New Year's Eve

Apologies in advance to my dear, sweet Red Sox lovin' pal in the trenches, but I fear Briar found love this New Year's Eve. (Sarah, he's a Mets fan...not quite Red Sox, but it ain't the Yankees) Dark silky hair, Hershey's Kisses eyes and a smile that could soften even the hardest of hearts, Carter has our Princess Briar swooning in her tights.

It's ten past one and she is still talking about him. It's frightening, but also kind of wonderful to see her starry eyed, cheeks flushed and what can only be described as twinkly. (Special note to Crystal: Look closely and you'll see a Flashdance-meets-Mad-Max-Beyond-the-Thunderdome-flourish upon her Disney Princess nightgown.)

Here's wishing you a twinkly new year filled with the kind of magic that makes your heart leap and stomach flutter. And, if you're lucky, the wonder of seeing life through the eyes of a child.

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chelle said...

awwww that is so sweet!

Happy New Year!

flutter said...

Oh my God, that is the cutest thing! I just love you Amanda

jen said...

happy new year, lovely. (and a mets fan? sheesh.) we've got time to work on that, establish the appropriate baseball standards for those she becomes enamored with.

Janet said...

Look how bright and sparkly she is! It must be love.

Happy New Year to you all.

Crystal said...

Yep, stars in her eyes, I see them. Oh and the wispy, fluffy, baby girl hair, precious. Amanda, what will we do when they are too grown-up for dress up and Princess nightgowns? I think they will always be these same little girls in our hearts. How can it get any better than this?

Colleen said...

Oh the sweetness!
Happy New Year!

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Oh man. I promise I won't tell the boyz.