Tuesday, January 29, 2008

All Thumbs

I know I've not been the best blogger of late, what with the sporadic posts and rather vacuous content. Perhaps I can offer a bit of insight on the situation. The other day, as I did the working mom two-step, trying to answer emails, field phone calls and supervise projects for the girls, I was shown the light. Briar, blue crayon in hand and Avery with brown, asked to draw my hand, and, seeing as I happened to have one hand free, I let them.

I watched as my hand and the piece of paper sank into the ottoman under their intense tracing. They spent quite some time huddled over the paper making it just right. It was seeing my hand, in all its cornflower and burnt umber glory, that I understood my blogging malaise.

My digits are simply too large to navigate my MacBook keys.

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slouching mom said...


Or are they too swollen, from water retention? In which case I'm going to have to start worrying about you and the baby.

How's your blood pressure?

(See, once I start worrying, I can't stop!)

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

Not bloated, just naturally gigantic I suppose.
112 over 60, give or take.
Youa re sweet to worry.

flutter said...

shall I fashion you a typing wand?

Jenk said...

I had no idea you were afflicted with such a crippling blogging disease. Perhaps somewhere out there in the Internets there is a support group for you?

Oh wait... How will you ever find each other? None of you can type!

Demand a ADD compatible keyboard. From now on, all kepboards must contain two inch keys.

Take that, MacBook Air.

Myshka said...

I miss you guys. Thinking of you and sending you lots of hugs. xxoo

Lisa Milton said...

You are missed, but we get it. The home improvements projects alone are daunting.

Be well, o pregnant one.

Ree said...

Well, duh. That would make it tough. ;-)

Now, if you had that voice recognition software, you could just talk your posts...think how fun that would be. ;-)

Oh, and your bp? Yea. When I had mine taken at the dentist's office and it was 110/60, the hygienist asked me, "Are you dead?"

Kimberly said...