Sunday, November 11, 2007

That face!

Avery is motivated by two things:

A lack of fear


A desire to make us laugh.

*I mentioned in an earlier post that Sean was egging her on, clearly in replaying this, I am egging her on too. And that kiss at the end? Impossibly perfect!

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jen said...

how adorable. and yes, i noticed your "your turns" quite frequently.

what a lovely home, life, love, laughter.

Lara said...

too cute!

Janet said...

11:55 p.m. You made it just under the wire. ;-)

I'm loving her ham-it-up face in this clip. Elyse loves that game too. She calls it "Camaba!" (= cannonball).

I'm thankful for these simple moments of fun. And for ottomans.

Chaotic Joy said...

Oh sweet happiness. She's just adorable.

flutter said...

oh for the love of a faceplant.

What a kid.

painted maypole said...

sweet! (and my new computer loads you up in no time flat... will have to try you again on the older computer, last time I tried it completely locked up and I had to turn it off!!)

BetteJo said...

Children as entertainment. What could be better? So cute!

Occidental Girl said...

Oh! My gosh! She is so cute! I love her fearlessness. What a nice moment.

Kimberly said...

How fun! And sooo cute.