Thursday, November 15, 2007

Still Thursday? Really?

I woke up Friday. Today. Every moment of today for me was Friday, which was tough, seeing as it was Thursday. Little things didn't make sense and I would realize that it was because it was Thursday. I am not exaggerating at all when I tell you that twenty minutes would pass and I would be back, head-to-toe, in Friday. I have no idea why I was so off, for now I am just chanting under my breath, "Tomorrow is Friday, tomorrow is Friday," lest I somehow forget during the night that I need to get up, dress myself and shuttle the girls off to the sitter's.

Toward the end of this monumentally, off-kilter day I was at the bank with Sean, Avery was on my shoulders and Briar was at Sean's side in the ATM vestibule, he was taking cash out. "Did you already cash your check?" I asked him.

He gave me a gentle look, his eyebrows lifting over his eyes, mimicking the shape of his hands when he cups my face and shakes his head because I've made a ditzy-from-pregnancy comment. "No, babe, I didn't, but it's not Friday so there was no check to cash."

Luckily, through what I am thinking will probably be an increasingly ditzy pregnancy, I've got great knee-high comedic relief in our girls, particularly Briar of late.

She was looking up at us and as Sean took the two $20's from the slot she said, "Daddy, can I have one? Can I have a money?"

"Not one of these, honey. I'll give you one of these." And he slipped a one dollar bill from his wallet and passed it to her.

"Oh, no daddy, not this one. It's not beautiful. I need beautiful money."

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flutter said...


don't we all, kid?

Janet said...

I will send you a Canadian twoonie. It is most shiny and beautiful with gold and silver and a lovely bird on it.

Plus? It's only two bucks (or $2.04 cents U.S.). She'll never know. :-)

sha said...

Me too Briar, I need beautiful money too. :)

Chaotic Joy said...

I hate it when I have my days wrong. And beautiful money? Priceless.

The Hotfessional said...

Amanda already has beautiful money. The shiny pennies that are her girls. And! lucky girl! she's getting more.

karla said...

Ahh..another Canadian beat me to the loonie and toonie bit. :)

Sadly, as shiny and lovely as those coins are, something tells me she would still prefer a 20...or, considering the high Canadian dollar and all our pretty coloured money, maybe a snazzy blue fiver would do.

Anonymous said...

Money is beautiful, isn't it? Except when it's all gone. :( Great story!

painted maypole said...

If Sean is passing out money I'd be happy to take some, beautiful or not.

Sexy Housewife said...

Beautiful Money...too cute!

carrie said...

Sign me up for some of that beautiful money too -- and fresh as well, I like my money fresh! :)

It's too cute!