Sunday, November 18, 2007


We were watching a movie when we heard a shriek from upstairs, a bedraggled Adam Sandler stood frozen onscreen as we craned our necks to hear the calls from upstairs.

"Was that Briar or Avery?"

"Briar, I think."

It was the 7th time we'd stopped the movie. Avery had been unwilling to go down and Briar had been unhelpfully helpful, as she took calming and disciplining Avery into her own hands:

"Shh, s'o, baby. Don't cry. Shh. It's dark time, you gotta sleep. Dis is your last warning. You hearing me?
Your last warning, Avery! Go to sleep!
high ho a dairy-o the sign says dark moon.
I said, shhh, Avery. Go. To. Sleep.

I said I'd go up. I moved as quietly and quickly as I could, Avery was finally down and I didn't want to wake her or move too slowly that Briar would do it for me.

"What is it, sweetie?" I asked, leaning over her bed.

"Umm, it's my mouth. I need medicine." She said touching her face.

My first instinct was that she was playing me, suggesting that she had the same gum pain that Avery did.

"Your mouth?"

"Yup, it's my mouth that hurts. I need medicine." Her blue eyes looked sincere, so I told her I'd be right back. Dashing past Sean I explained the issue, musing that perhaps it was her throat. Five minutes later Briar had been dosed and we were back having Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle take us to a level of despair I had not intended when we selected Reign Over Me.

Blessedly the movie ended and as I headed up to bed I realized that the ache in my throat was not empathy, it was a good old fashioned sore throat, building in intensity like a camp fire with each step I took. By the time Sean came up to bed after locking up I was barely speaking above a squeak.

Fast forward 12 hours and our entire family is in pajamas, puffy eyes and sniffly noses the accessories to our lethargy and misery.

My mouth hurts.
Whimper, sniff

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Maggie said...


It's like a never-ending chain letter, isn't it?

At least Briar can tell you what's wrong now, which is one of the lovelier things about them getting older.

Hang in there.

painted maypole said...

don't you wish someone would come and tuck you in and give you medicine?

hope you all feel better soon!

Bon said...

we are having the very same night/day experience up here...minus the Adam Sandler bits. sore throat is not fun.

baby with sore throat is even less fun.

get better soon. :)

Pgoodness said...

Aw, poor little family. I know your pains well. Get better soon!

Heather said...

That's no fun.

Try gargling with a water and peroxide rinse. (Should have directions on the bottle.) It tastes horrible but it really helps a sore throat. (For grown-ups only of course.)

BetteJo said...

Days like those we would all be bundled up in warm jammies and blankets and I would rub vicks vapo rub on my chest, wrap a towel around my neck and tuck it into my top. Did the same for the little ones and we would be a big warm mentholated heap.

Crystal said...

so sorry you are all full of sniffles.
We too hit pause about 10 times a night to hear who is yelling and/or talking and if they need us or they will work it out. my ladies share a room and they chit chat every night. Amelia is always the last to sleep and the first up...until today. I heard the light switch click then Madeline's feet hit the floor. Amelia was pleading "too bright, too bright" but the payback for many early mornings was too delightful for Madeline to resist. I heard her giggle.

Colleen said...

I hope you're all feeling better soon.

Sam said...

We are in the same situation over here! I hope eveyone gets well soon. Take good care of yourself and your girls.

Janet said...

They are little petri dishes, aren't they?

Feel better.

Tina said...

Hope ya'll are feeling better soon.

BOSSY said...

Yikes, although it doesn't say much about Bossy's life that she's jealous of the whole pajamas around the house thing.

Life As I Know It said...

We were quarantined last week with sore throats and croupy coughs.
Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Kelly said...

Oh, fooey. I generally like fall and winter, but this is one of those reasons I prefer the warmth of the more temperate months: not as many illnesses. Hope you all get plenty of rest and snuggle time and that you're on the mend soon.

Occidental Girl said...

Oh, NO! I hate The Sick. Feel better soon, all.