Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Spit it out.

Not that I've ever really needed prodding to speak my mind,Izzy Mom started a new blog. And since even I am sick of hearing myself write about being excluded, how about this: Izzy included me! I have a post over at Moms Speak Up. Check it out.

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Janet said...

Isn't this better than a trip to Target? :)

Your comment on (someone's?) blog answered my question about what you are pursuing. I wish you great joy, steeping in your own creativity. I hope your blogs don't stay completely silent, though, as I would miss your voice tremendously.

Cathy said...

Just found your blog recently, so I only now read your post on the Target encounter.

I've so been there.

Don't let them define you or what constitutes an "ideal" motherhood.

I love both your writing and your candor.

KrisUnderwood said...

Hey-I'm blogging over at Moms Speak Up too-wanted to stop by and say hello.

Enjoyed your post, by the way!

Everything doesn't always need to be bigger, better and faster, right?

BOSSY said...

Way to go, Grrrl.

carrie said...


Can't wait to check the new digs out.

slouching mom said...

Come by my site for some bling.

cate said...

just went over there and read your post...beautifully written as usual!