Friday, August 10, 2007

Would'ja Believe...

I'm going on a road trip with these characters.

I've got the camera for pictures, my laptop for lamenting not having a wireless connection, and my Red Sox cap, for pissing off the Yankee fans who are hosting us.

I'll be back on Monday, or Sunday night, or maybe even sooner if I can muster a connection.

Might I suggest visiting:

The tall handsome love of my life (He'll actually be with me, but his site is pretty cool.)

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Colleen said...

Have fun!

slouching mom said...

Have a terrific time! Thanks for the linky love!

BOSSY said...

"The tall handsome man of my life"

You mean he's tall too? (have a great time)

Mom of a munchkin said...

Have a wonderful time! With those three it looks like it'll be non-stop party!

flutter said...

Have a wonderful time

karla said...

Safe travels my friend.

Looking forward to some pictures of those characters and company upon your return.

chelle said...

hehe have fun!

Abba-dabba-doodler said...

Hee hee! I thought we all sat down and talked to Sean about why he can't drink from the gasoline pump anymore...Have you put all the corks on the forks, Man?