Monday, August 27, 2007

Screw the Herd

The part 2 to yesterday's post, was to be about another party.
Another parade of children and parents bearing casseroles and gift bags, bound for yet another party to which we were not invited. I'll not spend another minute fretting in this space, no more My So Called Life: The Parenting Years. I am resolving to focus on the good, if they have their wits about them, the rest of the 'hood will catch on, if not, screw 'em.

We are a family.

A mom and a dad. A husband and a wife. Friends.

Two sisters. Scrapping playmates. Friends.




And always, friends.

Thanks to everyone who left comments making us feel like the most popular kids on the block. We are just fine, better than fine. Too busy building forts and castles and facing down storms armed with diapers and magic capes to worry about a little, old popularity contest. Besides, we have a party to plan. Briar will be three on the 16th of September and I do believe it's going to be a doozey.

Here's to friendship and the many forms it takes.

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Oh, The Joys said...

Hopefully you'll be accepted into a gang of moms that does even funner things than shop at Target... hard to top? I doubt it, right?!


Janet said...

I thought when I read the title of the post that this one might be x-rated. So disappointed right now ...

Also? I was thinking Target-Schmarget. The best girlfriends want you to come out with them for Thai food and red wine. If you're ever in my part of Canada, I know a great Thai place.

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

You've got it all figured out, truly. You know what you've got, and you're happy with it and grateful for it, and that's so much more than a lot of the world can say...!

slouching mom said...

Here's to friendship. Indeed.

flutter said...

I will always tip my glass to you and yours, celebrating what makes you YOU.

That is worth celebrating.

cry it out! said...

Gee, thanks so much for making me think of Angela Chase and Jordan Catelano -- I'm about to waste the rest of the day watching old clips on youtube. Argh.

And what wonderful photos!

Crystal said...

Here's to not wasting a Saturday afternoon at some random house with some random people and their relatives.
Here's to not eating dry cake and sugared crisco frosting.
Here's to not missing nap time and not having overly-tired-melt-down kids.
Here's to not having crappy treat bag toys laying around the house (you know that bracelet has lead in it anyway).
Hear's to spending time, every spare minute, with people you really love.

BetteJo said...

Totally raising my glass to you and yours!!

Joy, of course said...

Oh Amanda. This series of posts about your neighbors, they could have been written by me. But not nearly so eloquently. I know the emotions involved so personally. The longing to be accepted, and the anger at yourself that you even care. That feeling in the pit of your stomach that somehow you are not worthy. But oh how untrue that is.

My daughter Allie is such an independent spirit and I am proud of her for it. I don't want her to conform, to change herself to fit in. I say that, but yet still I find myself nudging her towards the center, asking her to compromise "just a little" because I afraid of the price she will pay for not conforming and because I know how much hurt that price can bring.

I applaud you, my friend, for finding the good in your beautiful family. And I wholeheartedly...screw the herd

Joy, of course said...

Oops that was supposed to be "wholeheartedly agree"

AmandaD said...

Oh, but Joy, the idea of you wholeheartedly screwing the herd makes me laugh so!

jen said...

what OTJ said. twice.

i'd love for you gorgeous, gorgeous people to be my neighbors. and we'd go to the pub, NOT THE DAMN TARGET.

hee hee. xo

painted maypole said...

what lovely things you have to focus on.

Fitting in is hard. It's hard to break in to an already existing group. I have to force myself to be the one to extend the invitation. One on one works best. But I'm still working on it. ;)

LOVE the explorer pic

BOSSY said...

Yeah, make your own fun.

Damselfly said...

I'm sorry I missed commenting on your last post before now.... I know how it feels to be excluded too. It's tough. But I agree with OTJ. There's bound to be a cooler mama gang. And if not, as you say, you've got a wonderful, beautiful family.

I *love* your photos!

Momma Bean said...

If I could, I'd invite you over. The girls would play, you and I would sip wine and muse about who's husband is cuter (it's pretty neck in neck right now) and the men would man the grill or whatever it is that manly men do.

You're right. Screw 'em, you've got the best party in town with those three.

Amy York said...

Here, here.
You guys have a great attitude though I know it's sometimes hard...
My in-laws (our only family in CO) are moving back to where the rest of our family resides in IN leaving us all alone ... again. We just keep telling ourselves that we (our family) are all we have... well that and some great friends and neighbors but those come and go too...
Have fun with Briar's party ~ I love Virgos by the way (I am one myself). :) I hope she has an absolute blast!

Sarah said...

Your lovely family takes my breath away. I so wish we were neighbors, meeting for cookouts to cheer on the Sox.

SusieJ said...

Motherhood is lonely... We're forced to hang out with people we wouldn't normally hang out with, just because of the clubs and activities are children are in. And then, we're too busy to spend time with people we want to spend time with. So, what you have shown here, is really the best -- this is the point where it all comes together. From here, you can go out into the world, and know you're never really alone.

Cate said...

You know, I'm not part of any mommy groups or play groups or anything. I live in the city, but feel totally isolated. Most of my friends have either drifted away, following a different sans children path, or live in the opposite end of the city (where I will be moving in March!). I haven't gotten to know any moms in my neighbourhood. There are times I feel so dreadfully left out, and like my boys are lacking...something.

But then we have such a great time as a family, the boys running/crawling through the living/dining rooms and kitchen as if on a race track while daddy chases them and I jump out and yell "boo!" as they round the corner, and I realize how lucky we are to have each other.

Love your attitude...screw the herd!

Wish you were closer, though...we SO would have awesome playdates with the boys and the girls!!!

Tere said...

So lovely!