Friday, August 03, 2007

All Girl

I still marvel at the absence of tomboy, her need to wear dresses and her attraction to pink border on hysterical. I look at her jeans with longing, the sight of her in them always made me smile. She will not wear them now, cannot endure the thought of leaving the house without a dress. And now purses, she cries for her purse and sunglasses.

I blend honor and indulgence, running a load of laundry nearly every night to ensure a clean princess nightgown for bed and a fresh dress for morning. Sometimes I begin to wonder if maybe, just maybe, I could coax her into jeans and a Red Sox tee. She answers emphatically, a no, as she naturally does something so irrefutably feminine and precious, that I pledge to respect and support her need for all things girlie.

Case in (pink) point.

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slouching mom said...

oh, do i ever love that photo.

flutter said...

oof. my heart.

Lara said...

such a sweetheart! i love her. :)

Damselfly said...

Looks like a future shopping buddy. So cute!

Colleen said...

Ya gotta love a girly girl!

Danielle said...

My daughter is going through the EXACT same! In fact, we even purchased that same dress recently. She insisted on pink, and I managed to coax her into purple if only to vary the color of her monochromatic wardrobe. And I too miss the jeans and t-shirts, and often wonder, "oh where has my little tomboy gone?"

Incidentally, I read somewhere that this is simply one phase in a multitude in which they identify with their gender (with a little help from the commercial market of course). It's normal for a child of this age to go "over the top" with it simply because that is what their developing brain is capable of right now. I've been assured that it will all even out in the end. In any case, pink or no pink, we love them for who they are, regardless of the package.
take care.