Thursday, March 29, 2007


Sometime during our weeklong sojourn the girls cemented their friendship. Watching them as the days passed we saw a new rhythm and tenderness. Briar was tending to Avery, making sure that she was happy, and always had a toy in hand. Avery was, as per usual, absolutely enthralled by Briar's every move.

Here they are waiting for our flight in Vegas after the 6+ hour leg from Albany.

A quick kiss for her little sister, perhaps a goodbye, as she immediately sprinted down the aisle putting as much mileage between her little toddler backside and us, her luggage laden folks.

Before the trip this kind of parent sharing would have been pretty rare.

My sister with Briar, they have an uncanny bond, often demonstrated through high pitched squeals of delight. Prolonged high pitched squeals.

And a shot that will forever be burned into my soul.

For those people considering a second --- Do it!

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nutmeg said...

I have two girls the same years apart. They have a love/hate relationship. Nothing warms me more than seeing the love side of it!

chelle said...

awwww that is so so so so sweet!
I am glad your trip brought the girls closer together! Just the story I needed to read with the pending birth of our second!

Her Bad Mother said...

Beautiful. I so needed to read this.

karla said...

I so want another in a few years, but Mark isn't ready to really proceed with those discussions yet and right now I'm getting firm vibes that Nate might be an only child. I hope in time that will change.

Jerri said...

I live for peaceful siblings..

Kelly said...

The sweetness of a sibling friendship is warm enough to melt the polar ice caps.

It is so lovely to behold...

Mrs. Chicken said...

Your girls looks so in love ... and it does make my uterus contract .... :)

Abigail said...

Heh heh, what can I say? It's how we bond...I sure do loves me some screamin' time with my niece!

Yeah, I thought overall that the girls got along very well. The sibling rivalry seems to be at a very healthy level.

Also, I wanted to send you this link:
It's a massive archive of advertising images from the 1930s-50s. The images are clickable to become very large and legible. Anyway, thought it was pretty cool, and if Sean's not privy to it he might like it.