Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ahem, Letter to the Eugene Grandparents

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,
Thank you so very much for the Valentine's Day package.
We loved ripping the tape and playing with the box.

I (Avery) loved eating the tissue paper.

I (Briar) really, really loved taking stuff out of the box.
Mommy let me (Briar) eat a piece of candy. It was good and it made my hands sticky but I cleaned them on Mom's pants.

I (Avery) was ready to play with the little people, but Briar wanted them along with everything else, so I ate some more tissue paper.

Mommy read the card you sent and made a sound, it sounded kind of like when the dog pees on the floor and Mommy gets mad. I think she said "Thank you."
We both love the teddy bear so very much.

I (Briar) have learned that pushing the red button makes the song start and stop over and over again. I love it so much. I love pushing the button. I love the song. Mommy said we were going to have to put the bear night night, but I started crying and she let me keep her. I love the things on her head that shake. I like to make the bear's mouth stay closed when the music goes. It makes a funny sound like the cat when I pull his tail.

Mommy and Daddy said they don't know how'll they'll ever repay you for this gift. They said maybe when we visit sometime I can bring my Dora Dance mat from Debbie and my singing caterpillar from Debbie and my talking frog from Debbie to your house and you can have special time with me.

Oops, Mommy and Daddy said first we are going to go visit Debbie withe bear you sent me.

We love you very much.
Briar and Avery
PS I gave Avery the little people.

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1 comment:

Emily said...

OK: 1. my inlaws live in eugene too, and they give us singing toys too! (like a dog that sings "singin' in the rain")... are you sure they aren't the same people? 2. My mom sent a toy cell phone for V day even though it is on the list of "no no's". 3. My son ate the paper too yesterday (red tissue with sparkles- yum).
And I just adored your remains of the day post- you are so eloquently able to describe these great experiences with your little ones!
I can't wait to read more!