Thursday, December 21, 2006

Anantomy of a photo

My maternity leave was an 8 week nursing and photo taking marathon. Needless to say maternity leave with a toddler in the house was a different story. Avery is more than seven months old now and I find myself trying to make up for lost time. Sometimes it's a bit of a lost cause. I'm home alone, the girls are an armful and the camera is impossible to even hold with one hand, let alone take pictures one handed. Behold some recent products of my efforts...I think I accomplish funny, unflattering, slightly sentimental and totally off balance in this here display. Maybe even earning bonus points for the complete destruction of quality light in one shot. Enjoy.

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Sandra Barkevich said...


Thank you for your comment at my blog! I thought I'd pop on over and see what another Adirondack Foothills writer is up to. Very nice blog. The pictures are great. I remember when we brought our second child home. The video of Amelia meeting her new baby brother for the first time is...telling, to say the least. After she inspected him, she promptly gave him her back and stuck her thumb in her mouth. It was a complete dismissal. The Cut Direct, if you will. I'd like to say it gets easier, but, after almost four years, I've begun to give up hope. ;-) Good luck with your two little ones and happy holidays.

Sandy :-)