Tuesday, December 19, 2006

All I Am Saying

You choose your mate, but you don't necessarily choose their behavior. Sean would prefer that I not grab him in a passionate embrace in the electrical aisle at Lowe's or start a loud discussion about matters more appropriately addressed at home. I would prefer that we not always take the "scenic route" thereby changing: "From point A to point B, to "From point A to point F-2." But we work it out.

Lately, I have been soliciting feedback from Sean on different writing endeavors, in much the same way he solicits my feedback on design work he does. Last night I wrote a bit about his feedback. I was not trying to ridicule him, or build myself up. It was simply something I found to be somewhat funny. For the record, 4 people have written and they all agree with...


I respect and appreciate his feedback, but I do not always accept it in the most gracious or enthusiastic fashion. For that, I apologize. This morning he let me know that something I had written probably did not translate in the way I had intended. We had a heated back and forth...not really heated, but not exactly casual if you get my hot headed drift.

Knowing that I don't always know best I have deleted the post. I figure if my husband, the person who knows me best, thought I came off as insensitive, then everyone else will really think I am an ogre. I have witnessed too many people being burned by a joke or flippant response in an email to want to take that sort of chance.

I can't guarantee that I will always say things with tact, or pass up the opportunity to ridicule something that I think people might be able to relate to. I will promise though, that I will always be honest and I will awlays try to correct any wrongs that I commit. I feel passionately that there is much insight and pleasure to be derived from the "blogosphere." I want to contribute in a good and meaningful way. I want to support other women and families who choose to share their stories. I am grateful to everyone who visits to see what is going on with our girls and our lives. Please feel free to leave a comment anytime. I read them all and respond when appropriate.

Speaking of supporting other bloggers, I found a site that makes a request that I think could be fun for people. There is a little boy named Tanner who has Muscular Dystrophy. They are seeking letters or cards from kids to Tanner to demonstrate the Christmas spirit. I am sending Tanner a card with some magnets. Briar and Avery will be sending along some stickers. If you would like to send tanner a card yourself visit this link or just write to him at:

Letters for Tanner
1518 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON
M6R 1A4

Happy Holidays!

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Anonymous said...

I've never used this way of commenting on your post, but honey, I totally relate to this post, and think you're witty and brilliant and so sweetly honest for posting it. Both of our Aries husbands "like things the way they like them", and both of us have ways of spinning their heads around. haha. Before even having the role as "parents", I think you are the best people, both on your own and individually, that I have ever met. Love, Tet xxx

Her Bad Mother said...

Thank you so much for getting your darlings to write letters - and for putting the word out. Heart, swelling.